Digital art is painting with a computer.   Instead of a mouse
a digitizer pad is used, which has a special pen
That acts like a paint brush, paint knife, pen, pencil, pastel,
Or any other painting device you could imagine.  
Patrick uses specialized software, mainly Corel Painter (also
Adobe Photoshop, and Gimp).
With this software he can set up a blank canvas and a
Custom palette and brushes and paint with an incredibly
Realistic experience
The capabilities of digital painting go far beyond what you
Can do with traditional techniques (and much less messy!).
He renders his paintings into high resolution digital files
Which are used to make Giclee prints.
Giclee Prints are the highest quality prints today, made with
Special large format printers and pigment inks.  They can
Be printed on a variety of mediums, from watercolor papers
And canvas to other exotic mediums such as acrylic and
   Occasionally Patrick may incorporate 3D models of
Buildings or other objects he makes using a program
Called Blender.  Click on the tutorial at right for a
More in depth look at how he used Corel Painter and Blender
To create his painting “Crabby Shack”.