Who am I and Why do I have my own Web Site?

I’m Patrick (Pat) Belote.  For the last half century I’ve been a human being.  
After that I became a musician, artist, Christian, Husband, pug lover, and a dabbler in guitar making.  
As a musician, I play keyboards and piano, guitars, bass and produce music.  I have
Waterfront Recording Studio located on The Eastern Shore of Virginia with my wife Sherry.  
She is a vocalist whom I was originally a bandmate I met in 1990.  We’ve played music together ever since.
I am from the Eastern Shore, and have lived here in this rural community for much of my life.  
I have played in a bunch of cover bands in the DelMarVa area.  The most notable were
Storm Warning and The Waterfront Band, both of which featured original music.  
The Waterfront Band’s digital release “Chesapeake High” is frequently heard on local radio stations.   
I also do instrumental music and commercial advertising music.  Mainly the music I play anymore is Christian.  
I’ve don’t quite a bit of Praise & Worship, and still play at my local church most Sundays.  Besides playing,
I produce music.  I’ve done a few recordings for other folks, but now I’m mainly into recording our
own material.  My music page has our music from numerous band and duo projects,
as well as solo instrumentals.

Secondary I am an artist, specializing in digital art.  I majored in Art in college at VA Tech,
until I figured out I needed something I could make a living at.  I dabbled in painting over the years,
until about 2007 when I discovered digital art, specifically Corel Painter.  There’s a link to my art above.

Please check out my site.  Also check me out on social media (the links page).   
There are tons of videos, mp3 music files, photos, art jpg’s and my guitars.