Patrick Belote was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, just east of the Chesapeake Bay.
He is known mainly as a musician, playing and recording currently with the VA based “Waterfront Band”  
with his wife Sherry Belote.  Musically speaking, he also plays as a duo with Sherry, and leads Christian
praise & worship music in a couple churches.  He also has recorded and produced for other artists, and
Done pit work in musical theater, including travelling to St. Petersburg Russia in 1996 to perform.
  His artwork is his other artistic passion.  He majored in art for 2 years at Virginia Tech out of high school.
After his second year, he transferred to a community college and earned a degree in Electronics Engineering.
Out of college he began his  career tracking weather satellites for the government.  All the time he still
Painted and studied watercolor under renowned waterfowl artist Don Sparrow.   He also produced many
Oil paintings, as well as pencil and prismacolor drawings.  Art for years was self-therapy for him.
  In 2006 he discovered Corel Painter and a Wacom digitizer pad, and artistically everything changed.
His expertise in computers and his love and talent of art collided, and he embraced the collision.  
He has since honed his technique and specializes in highly detailed, hyper-realistically colored landscapes
And seascapes from his home.   He also has branched out into graphics, portraits, and science fiction art.
  He lives in Onancock, Virginia with his Sherry and their pet pug “Onslo”.